quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

Always thinking that

Without tears, without visibility of appearances, what stands are the boundaries between what really matters to a general who will struggle without their stars, a young man living without dreams, a child who does not know what is sweet, an inanimate object neglected.

Forgive me for not finding a way to breathe, I do understand that there is a heaven to fly, a world to explore, if my feet are on the ground, which makes my head with thoughts being in heaven?

Because their eyes have no tears? Why do not you cry?

The poet disappears in his manuscript that you can not understand, your feelings are torn, smeared anyone know, a price that is paid in isolation, with shortness of breath, and a will that was subtracted from within your heart.
In the eyes of people look alike, but nobody is more equal to each other, a guided missile, a laser gun, an obscene gesture afraid to exist.

I want to do the hygiene of these thoughts that will not stop running, it's like a car with very powerful engine that you can not stop, it goes quickly toward a cliff.

Efforts and intrigues, insomnia and bad nights, the shadow of the speed of mind, neon signs that a day will come, and maybe make me raise this awareness. Because the advertisements of soft drinks are no longer attractive as before.

Day by day is what are the remains of a life on the scales, a fragment of this mortality can not control, get out the rain and I can not get wet, the sun comes out and can not dry.

I see a cool mind, unable to think for you. Where are the limits? Seeking the lost territory, seek the fragrance of my imagination, and what I find is only isolated words, a mind capable of being cruel to his own body.

Without tears, hopeless, unable to move, isolated in this void forgotten, a place that has no meaning has no history, the remains of a life that passes quickly into the future.

What could happen tomorrow? Really do not know, just know that today was a stumbling block, a kind of thinking that can not be bothered to stand, the truths are like chains that bind us to the fact that I do not fall directly on the cliff.

The death of my ego I is now doing birthday!

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